How to Save Money on Utilities: My tips

Normally it’s our utility bills that are most likely at the top of the list for things to settle when payday comes, and generally you may agree that it’s the electricity bill that tops it all.  I can’t imagine a world without electricity, what about our air conditioning units when there is no power?  Surely living would be not so comfortable.   But even if electricity is our necessity we still should find ways to conserve this resource because in the end, it is us who benefits the most e.g. less consumption, less cost.

utility rates for pensioners

utility rates for pensioners

Among the things you should do is to inquire from your utility provider about payment strategies, these strategies are normally a month-to-month payment that you should set based upon your previous 12- month average consumption. Typically your month-to-month usage will not vary that much, leaving you on a more steady and consistent payment on a monthly basis. When the year ends, your overall consumption will be computed and any excess charges can then be settled.

What are the factors that make your electric consumption level up?  When you use warm water, you are consuming more energy.  Conversely use of cold water consumes less energy.  Having said that, it is essential that we should be mindful of our water usage.  If we do we will be saving on water and electricity bill at the same time.

As innovation advance, there are lots of appliances out there that are designed to possess more energy saving features. One example is your fridge, be sure you have one that has an automatic power saving feature to reduce your expenses, although perhaps buying energy saving appliances may cost you, you’ll definitely be happy when it’s billing time!

Another way to save on utilities is using faucet aerators which control the flow of water through the shower heads, to efficiently cut the quantity of water required when taking showers. This is particularly helpful and effective if you love taking long shower, although the very best is still to shorten your shower time.

Another easy method you may minimize your water costs is using dishwater rather than by hand cleaning everything, a dishwater conserves you water since it just utilizes specific quantity per cycle, as compared with turning the faucet on while you clean by hand. It is also much better if you should fill the dishwasher with a complete load prior to its usage.

Another idea to save money on your energy expenses is making sure that your home is completely protected and sealed. When you switch on the cooling, a leaked window will entail more energy consumption compared with a totally sealed one, since it takes a lot more energy to transform outdoor temperature level into the one you prefer. Check on your windows if you may need replacements.

Constantly review your bills so that you have better idea if your saving measures are effective otherwise you can adjust accordingly.


Sophistication with Stain Glass Windows


With stain glass windows, you can go as creative as you can, you can bring out your ideas into life whether you sketch the design on your own or you have a professional do it for you.  Regardless, nothing beats stained glass windows in giving your home a unique character, sophistication and elegance.  Light coming into your house will be softer that creates a soothing interior environment.

It would be great to have two copies of your preferred patterns in so doing you can use one when you begin to cut the templates and the other one would be used on the work piece so you can see if it fits well.  If you have friends who have old cutters, you can surely need the help.  If you choose to buy your own glass cutter, it comes at a reasonable price.

You will find various techniques on how you can make a stain glass.  You will have to prepare the coloured stained glass you’ll be using and cut them according to your design.  You’ll also have to make sure they fit together.  You will also be needing brass, lead or copper depending on your choice as these will function as a buffer between glasses.  More window ideas here.

You need to rub the lead lines and make sure it’s coated with chemical using cotton.  You can use old rag to polish the lead lines really well.

Over time, a piece of the stained glass may lose the shimmer it once had and copper may dull and you’ll find corrosion build up on the edges of the lead.

Lead is usually used because it is flexible and it has longer life span.  Lead is stripped into preferred shapes and so the glass can then be fitted.

As you go along you will learn more tricks of the craft and you also build up  your own tools which you can use for as long as you’d like.  If you were able to do some research before you started your window project, you will learn that the tools will be very useful in cutting, soldering the glass and marking.

For some folks making stain glass is a past time and ultimately becomes something they could earn from.  There is definitely a growing demand for stain glass windows.


Home Improvements: Financing Options

If you have actually decided that it is about time to give your house some sprucing, maybe it’s the best time to have that extension you’ve been thinking about get done. But of course while ideas are in your head on things you’d like to do, you must draw up a budget on how much you are willing to spend.

You may be thinking about some Do It Yourself jobs to improve the atmosphere of your home, however if you’re thinking of a larger project, that would surely need a tradesman to complete a good output.

Depending upon the kind of work you desire to be achieved, you may need to hire plumbing professionals, joiners and contractors or other professionals making sure tasks go without a drawback.

Another factor to consider is on how you are going to fund the improvements you have in mind. There are a variety of options for you to consider when it comes to this aspect- maybe you’d like obtaining a loan by making your property the collateral or if you have some savings, how much are you comfortable spending?


Should you consider for a home renovation loan, there are many loan facilities you can avail of from various financing companies. However, before signing anything or deciding on it even, it would be a sensible step to get some sound financial advice. This is specifically the case if the tasks you want done is major for the purpose of getting a higher market value for your property.  You can talk to a credible contractor and have bills of material prepared so you’ll know just how much you’ll need.

As soon as you have put together the figures, you can also talk to a real estate agent for more information such like preference of homeowner wannabes and how much these people are willing to pay.  This is important just in case you are brought to the situation when you are to offer your house for sale, you’ll be getting a fair price for it.

When your finances are ready, make sure you employ the best contractor there is.  You’ll need to scout and one of the ways should be online.  Check on the testimonials of their clients and take an effort to validate these testimonials to make sure you are hiring a reliable contractor.  Also by scouting, you are able to get quotes that you’ll need when evaluating who you are going to hire.

But if you are just thinking of a small renovation project, you may try doing it yourself with the help of some “how to guides”. You’ll surely accomplish what you have in mind.   You must remember though that when the job is of technical nature, it would be best to leave this to the expert because you may end up spending more instead of saving.

4 Simple DIY Projects That Can Spruce up Your Home

Everybody wishes to stay in a lovely house; however the additional expense of working with an expert simply to spruce it up might take up a great part of your savings. Rather spend a lot, there are numerous methods on how to spruce up your living space on your own, and still get great outcomes. Here are 4 brilliant ways to fix your house.  Are you ready for DIY?


De-clutter, Clean and Fix

You will be truly amazed that cleaning and arranging things in your home can actually transform it to something pretty. Individuals have the tendency to gather knickknacks that overtime create mess in the house. By getting rid of these things from racks, counter tops, and corners, your house will look tidier and larger. Another technique is to have your rug clean by a rug cleaner.  This particular task should be left by someone who has the tools to clean thoroughly.  Now, you will have to roll up your sleeves and wash your windows, drapes, and take out that grout from your bathroom and countertop tiles.  All these will make your house resemble the very first time you set it up.  Check for parts in your house that need fixing, it could be broken window screens, fix it or have it fixed.


Upgrading your house with a fresh coat of paint is super easy and does not even need another person to do it. Pick a color or shade that you like and go to a hardware store to see palettes of your choice.  You can also ask the opinion of the staff there that has more knowledge on paints. Choose a color that lightens up a space, or utilize one color to highlight a location of your home. A brand-new coat of paint on cabinets, and doors should make a space appear brand-new. You can also opt for setting up wallpaper. Wallpaper can make your house interesting and conceal issue areas.

Lighting and Fixtures

Modify some components around your house and change lights. Lighting components are available in a range of shapes, sizes, and color. Changing your old, outdated furniture and fixtures should alter the look of a space entirely. Altering light, faucets, knobs as well as switches, should revitalize worn out spots of your home.

Curb Appeal

Remember the exterior of your house. A couple of minor modifications should improve your house’s curb appeal. Repaint your front door, your deck, as well as change your mail box that has been there for forever, should make your home look new and spruced. If you know more about DIY tasks and you know how take down stone pavers so you can mend broken pathway, why not? Planting flowers can make your hose pleasant and attractive to look at.  By taking out or eliminating overgrown bushes, your house should get light and look less messy.

These 4 easy Do It Yourself options should have your house looking awesome with less expense at that.